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Australian commission report 2012

Report published: 
Mon, 2014-05-26
Religious History Association <> Annual Report to CIHEC for 2012

The Religious History Association was formed in 2010 from the amalgamation of the Association for the Journal of Religious History (1959) and the Religious History Society (1998). For 2011-2012, the committee of management consisted of Hilary Carey  (President), John Gascoigne (Treasurer), Stuart Piggin (Secretary), and Ian Tregenza, Shurlee Swain and Philip Almond (Ordinary members), as well as the editor(s) of the Journal of Religious History.  Under the Constitution, the purposes of the Association are:

·         to promote and advance the study of religious history in Australia

·         to promote the study of all fields of religious history

·         to encourage research in Australian religious history

·         to publish the Journal of Religious History

 The Religious History Association was active in 2012. Activities included the annual conference which was held in collaboration with the Australian Historical Association in Adelaide in July 2012. The theme was Religion, History and Secularization and the keynote address was delivered by the RHA President Hilary Carey with additional responses from RHA committee members Shurlee Swain and Ian Tregenza. Papers from the conference, which will include an essay by Barry Kosmin are being edited for publication by Cambridge Scholars. It is hoped that this will be the first of a new publication series for the Association.

The RHA is responsible for an annual Newsletter, TheRHA, which is edited by Anna Haunton, and the Journal of Religious History, edited by Prof. Carole Cusack and Dr Christopher Harney of the University of Sydney and published by Wiley Blackwell. The Journal had a strong year with increasing number of submissions and some fascinating special issues on themes at the forefront of international scholarship. Volume 36, issue 4 (December) was a special edition on the Baha’i Faith edited by Professor Todd Lawson of the University of Toronto. The editors also give warm recommendations to new articles by Paul Terracini, Adam Laats, Erika Helgen and Kiri Paramore. The winner of the Bruce Mansfield Prize for the best article published in the previous volume of the Journal of Religious History was Meredith Lake for her article, “Provincializing God: Anglicanism, Place and the Colonisation of Australian Land (vol. 35.1 (2011)).

The Committee of the Religious History Association has been envigorated with the co-option of Professor Peter Harrison (Queensland) and Dr Joanna Cruickshank (Victoria). A new committee will be elected in July 2013


Prof. Hilary M. Carey RAHA, President, Religious History Association